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New Gastroscopy Service at Warren House Veterinary Centre

Warren House Veterinary Centre are now offering a Gastroscopy service to our equine clients. Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome is an increasingly recognised disease and symptoms can be vague but include

  • Poor performance
  • Changes in behaviour or grumpy temperament
  • Picky appetite
  • Weight loss/ failure to maintain condition
  • Colic
  • Girthing pain or resistance to girthing
  • Resistance to riding aids
  • Poor coat condition

Please visit our Gastroscopy Webpage for more details.
or contact our practice to speak to our staff and book an appointment.

Image of horses stomach lining obtained using a 3.5 metre Video Gastroscope at Warren House Veterinary Centre


This video became an overnight success being shared all over the world from the California USA to Brisbane Australia and Zimbabwe! Click on the attached video to see it!

As the equine breeding season gets into full swing a common problem seen by our practice is that of retained placenta (otherwise known as the afterbirth). Retention of even a small part of the placenta can have life threatening consequences for the mare.

Two of the Directors at our practice Professor John Newcombe and Gary Kelly have produced a short video demonstration aimed at mare owners/breeders that clearly explains how to check the equine placenta and when to call a vet.

Professor John Newcombe and Gary Kelly



Warren House Veterinary Centre are pleased to announce the launch of our new Pet Health Care plan for your pets.

Our valued clients and patients can now receive LARGE DISCOUNTS on routine medications, consultations and operations.

Click Here for more details on our Health Care Plan for your pet.

Come into the practice and ask for more information from a member of staff.