Patricia Casanovas Gamba Veterinary Surgeon

Patricia Casanovas Gamba

Trish is from Barcelona, Spain, and got her degree in Veterinary Medicine by the University of Zaragoza in 2017. She specialized in small animal and horse medicine along with marine animal medicine and research. After doing internships and apprenticeships in small animal hospitals and ambulatory and emergency equine veterinary medicine for two years she did internships and courses in Baja California Sur (Mexico), Plymouth (U.K.), Mississippi (U.S.A.), Alabama (U.S.A.) and Barcelona (Spain) as a marine mammal and turtles veterinarian and as a researcher in whales of the Mediterranean for EDMAKTUB. She has specific knowledge in conservation, biology, ecology, marine wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, and diving rescue. She had the pleasure to join talks at the UKIRSC 2017 congress and AVAFES (Veterinary Association for Wild and Exotic Fauna) from Zaragoza and Barcelona.

Trish took the chance of moving to the U.K. to join Warren House Veterinary Centre to deepen and refresh her experience and knowledge in equine and small animal medicine. She is very honored to be part of such a good team of passionate and professional veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Her hobbies include horse riding, traveling, karate and anything related to the sea.