We offer a wide range of dental services. Majority of dogs and cats above the age of 2 years have already some degree of dental disease. In initial stages it is sufficient to brush their teeth or use a mouthwash. Later a scale and polish with special tools under general anaesthetic can get rid of the building up tartar. Unfortunately in many cases we see pets coming at late stages of dental disease when apart from scale and polish it is often necessary to remove teeth.

FREE nurse advice consultations

Not sure how to brush their teeth or what you should do on a routine basis? Call us and book an appointment with one of our lovely nursing staff and they will go through everything with you, including training how to even start.


Does your pet already have a bad breath? Book their dental with us, we always aim to provide the best value for money services so scale and polish can cost you as little as £150 (including anaesthetic). You can also use the free nurse consult to discuss what treatment would be beneficial.