History of the practice

Our practice started as a small family-run business, founded by John Newcombe, pioneer in horse reproduction. At that time we were known mostly as “Newcombes”. The name changed to Warren House vets (after John’s Warren farm) in 2010 when the new small animal clinic was built.

In 2013 Gary Kelly joined as a director and in 2021 became the owner of the business. So we are back to being family-owned again. Over time the small animal clinic grew in size and by 2015 it constituted large part of the healthcare provided by the practice. As the last small-sized practice in the area we continued providing our own out of hours care and hospitalisation for small animals and horses until 2021 when the effects of Brexit and COVID pandemic hit veterinary industry on such a scale that it was unfortunately unsustainable to continue with 24/7 care provision. For those purposes we partnered with Willows so that our patients continue to have high standard quality care.