Pet healthcare Scheme

What is it?

Pet care plan is a complementary product to an insurance. Where insurance covers your pet for unexpected emergencies, pet care plan offers affordable way to spread of routine preventative treatment for your cat, dog or rabbit.

What is included in our pet plan?

  • Monthly flea, tick and worm treatment
  • Annual vaccinations including their first, second and kennel cough vaccination
  • The cost is also covered if you needed to restart the vaccinations course. 
  • Unlimited consultations with a vet during routine
  • Unlimited nurse consultations (nail clipping, anal glands etc)
  • 10% discounts on dentals and neutering
  • Microchip

What is not included

  • emergency out of hours consultations
  • investigations and care that may be required following a consultation (blood tests, imaging, hospitalisation etc)

Why shall I join? 

We believe that being a pet owner should be fun and which is why we have developed an affordable plan with your pets’ bests interests in mind. The plan has been created to make it nice and simple for you to be able to spread the cost of preventative treatment at no extra cost with the added extras of being able to come and visit the vet whenever needed even if it is just for a nose to tail general health check. 

How much does it cost? 

We are proud of the cost of our Pet Care Plan as it is just one price for all! 

£24 per month! 



Not matter what age, species or even weight the price will stay the same.  

 On plan Off plan 
Full vaccination course / year Free £80-95 yearly
Flea and worm treatment Free £180 yearly
Dental*  £150 – £400 £135 – £360
Nail clipping, anal glands expessing etc. (nurse consultation) Free £60 – 360 yearly

*price may vary depending on extractions 

You can call the practice to join our Pet Care Plan 

Call us on 01543 373033 

Terms and Conditions

Main points of T&Cs:

  1. You can join in anytime and register as many animals as you like.
  2. You can cancel anytime but if there is an outstanding balance you will be charged the outstanding balance (for example you paid £24 for the first month and recieved vaccinations and flear and worm treatment worth of £84, you will have to pay the outstanding £60)
  3. Full terms and conditions are availble here.