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Bee and Wasp Stings In Pets

Wasp and bee stings are most common in spring, summer, and early autumn. Dogs and cats are stung on their paws or around the face and usually develop minor pain, irritation, or swelling. In some cases, the effects of a sting can be more serious. Most stings can be managed at home, but in some…
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Adder Bites

Is my dog at risk? Does your dog go for walks in long grassed areas and enjoy adventuring through the fields? Adders are prevalent in these areas as they like to hide in long, grassy woodland. Due to being so close to Cannock Chase, adder bites can be a risk to our patients. As one…
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Happy Bulldog CLUB

Are you an owner of a brachycephalic breed dog? Come for a free assessment and health check by our trained nurses. We have launched a system of consultations for brachycephalic dogs to make sure that health issues are caught in the early stages and you can enjoy the company of your little baby for longer.…
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BOAS surgery

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is a condition which affects the breathing of flat faced animals.  This can be caused by several factors:  A very long and thick, soft palette covering the airway A narrow trachea/larynx The nostrils become stenotic – where they create resistance against airflow The symptoms your animal may display if they…
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