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Pet Care Plan

Welcome To Our
Pet Care Plan

We are excited to introduce our Pet Care Plan! 

Providing preventative healthcare all year round for your lovely pets. 

You can now spread the cost of vaccinations, parasite prevention, health checks and so much more and save hundreds of pounds each year

Why Our Pet Care Plan?


Dedicated pet ownership should be simple and affordable, as a Pet Care Plan member the benefits are just that and more!


Detecting potential problems early can save your pet’s life. With our unlimited PCP consultations, we can diagnose, treat and protect your pet faster.


Our PCP provides the best care and preventative treatment to help pets live longer, and healthier lives


Our PCP will reduce and spread the cost of routine preventative health care for your pet resulting in huge savings.

What’s Included In Our Pet Care Plan?

Exclusive Pet Care Plan Discounts


All our Pet Care Plan members can enjoy 20% off all neutering procedures.



All our Pet Care Plan members can enjoy 20% off all dental treatments.



No joining fee, and no maximum pet weight.
Price per pet, minimum 12-month term.



Per month

Yearly savings: £600.08



Per month

Yearly Savings: £600.08



Per month

Yearly savings: £278.00


10% Off

Each additional pet added to the Pet Care Plan


What Is An Annual Pet Care Plan & How Do I Sign Up?

A pet care plan is a monthly subscription that covers routine pet care and procedures to ensure your pet is happy and lives a longer life. Speak to our receptionists, signing up takes two minutes and you can enjoy the benefits straight away!

When Will The Discounts Be Applied?

As soon as you have signed up and paid the first instalment, discounts and benefits will apply. Should you choose to stop paying your subscription, discounts will stop from that month.

Does My Subscription Apply To Multiple Pets?

Each subscription is for one pet only. If you have two pets, they will both benefit from being on a plan and you will save 10% on each pet added to the subscription.

For example, Pet one is £30 p/m if an additional pet is added to the PCP you will receive 10% off the £30 for the second pet, totalling £27 for the second pet, plus £30.00 for pet one.

Do I Need To Renew My Subscription Yearly?

Your subscription will renew automatically each year, carrying on the benefits you have seamlessly. If you wish to cancel the automatic renewal then please give us 21 days written notice.

Is A Pet Care Plan Insurance?

No, our Pet Care Plan covers the preventative routine treatment that every pet should have to keep them healthy and happier for longer. Our Pet Care Plan is provided by us, Warren House Veterinary Centre Limited.

Insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care if your pet has an accident, develops an illness, needs surgery, and so on, and is usually provided by a third party and not us.

Will The Price Increase Yearly?

While we will always try to maintain the same price, in line with inflation, we may choose to increase the subscription plan, but you will be provided with one months notice

Can I Still Have Vet Consults If I Am Not On The Pet Care Plan?

Of course, we are always happy to see you and your pet whether you have a subscription with us or not.

Book in as normal and we will always treat them and advise as if your pet was our own.

What are the terms and conditions?

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Not Registered?

Don’t worry, we are always happy to welcome new clients.