We always believed in providing value for money so we constantly aim to provide better prices than other practices in the area. Unfortunately even we have to update the prices from time to time to reflect the changes in the prices and costs to us.

With the increasing prices of care you may wish to consider pet health plan for £24/month. More information here.

Consultation 1st£37Free
Consult – Long Term Medication£20Free
Microchip with Vaccination/Operation£13.50Free
Nurse Consultation£15Free
 Vaccinations DOGS  
1st Vaccination Dog£29Free
2nd Vaccination Dog£29Free
Booster Vaccination Dog£30Free
Kennel Cough Vaccination with Booster Vaccination£16Free
Kennel Cough Vaccination£26Free
 Vaccination CAT and rabbit  
1st Vaccination Cat£29Free
2nd Vaccination Cat£29Free
Booster Vaccination Cat£37Free
Primary Vaccination Course Cat£58Free
Rabbit Vaccination£50Not applicable

Routine operations (neutering) are inclusive of everything (operation, anaesthetics, postoperative pain relief* and postoperative check).

*Painkillers are supplied only with dog neutering.

£24/month 15% OFF
Cat Castration£45£38.25
Cat Spay (Flank)£65£55.25
Cat Spay (Midline/Pregnant)£85£72.25
Cat neutering under the Cat protection LeagueSuspended 10/2021Suspended in 10/2021
Bitch Spay <10kg£150£127.50
Bitch Spay 10-25kg£180£153
Bitch Spay 25-50kg£200£170
Bitch Spay >50kg£250£212.50
Dog Castration >10kg£120£102
Dog Castration 10-25kg£140£119
Dog Castration >25kg£160£136
Laparoscopic Bitch Spay <10kg£320£272
Laparoscopic Bitch Spay 10-25kg£330£280.50
Laparoscopic Bitch Spay >25kg£350£297.50
Rabbit Spay£85Not applicable
Rabbit Castration£60Not applicable
Guinea Pig Spay£85Not applicable
Guinea Pig Castration£60Not applicable
Ferret Spay£85Not applicable
Ferret Castration£60Not applicable