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Saying Farewell

You left a paw print on our hearts forever

Here for you, to offer care and respect to your precious pet at this difficult time.


The decision to put your pet to sleep is very difficult and we understand, there is no clear guidance what consistutes the right moment to say goodbye. 

It is sad to say it is usually the reduced quality of life or pain with poor prognosis that becomes the main reason to consider euthanasia.

When your pet becomes unwell, loses interest in their usual activities, or they don’t want to eat or seem to be in discomfort, we are here for you to discuss your options.

Sometimes the answer is clear but you may feel hesitant and feel burdened by the need to make a decision. We will discuss with you all the options of prognosis and overall outlook on the future. 

If the prognosis is not very good, but your pet is still enjoying their food, or playing as normal so we can make a end of life plan with you, also known as palliative care.

Palliative care isn’t a cure but it will keep your pet out comfortable and pain free. 

You know your pet best and only you will know when the time is right, so whatever you decide, it will be the right decision and will always support you.

Preparing to say goodbye

If you decide it is the right time, our vet will explain the process to you. Even in these sad circumstances, you’ll be able to have a few quiet moments alone with your companion to say goodbye. You are more than welcome to bring family members for support and even your furry family members. 

One of the veterinary team– a receptionist, vet or vet nurse – may speak to you about options for cremation and payment before your appointment.

Most people choose to have these discussions beforehand so that they are able to focus on saying their goodbyes without having to think about other difficult decisions.

We will make sure your visit is uninterrupted and you have the time you need to say goodbye.

Process of Euthanasia

The following information is designed to help prepare and guide you through the euthanasia process itself. Some of the information might be upsetting to read, but please remember that the procedure itself is quite peaceful and pain-free for your pet.

If you decide that euthanasia is the best option, we will ask you to sign a consent form. At this point, some clients prefer to spend a few more moments together with their pet before the process.


Euthanasia is done with the help of a high dose of anaesthetic drugs. Medication can be administered directly into the vein or more often the vets choose to place an intravenous catheter first, then administer the medication through it. You may feel like you want to wait outside the consultation room when the catheter is being placed, which is okay.


During euthanasia, you will be able to stroke and cuddle your pet at all times to comfort them so that they know you are there. Some people feel many emotions at the time and don’t feel comfortable staying in the consulting room during the process. If at any point you want to step out, just let the vet know and you can do so.

Euthanasia is completely pain-free. It is a concentrated overdose of anaesthetic, which will slowly induce loss of consciousness. In other words, they will fall gently into a sleep, which deepens quickly, slowing down and eventually stopping breathing and heartbeat.


It may be that your pet will take a gasp of air, which is a natural body response and is not a sign that your pet is suffering.
Another natural response that may occur is that they may pass urine or even open bowels. These are known as post-death reflexes.

At the end, the vet will check the absence of vital signs to confirm that your pet has passed away peacefully.

The Next Steps

We understand how difficult and sad it is when you lose a family member, we have made the process as easy as possible for you, so can center on all those beautiful memories you had along with your adored pet.


We know, the last thing you want to be thinking about is “after” but we would like to provide you with some optional choices or you can take your beloved pet straight home.


We do have some lovely caskets and urns you can choose from, should you wish too, so that you can keep your pet with you, always.



We will be there to comfort and support you when you come to collect your pet. Feel free to ask for help or simply share your memories with us, we would love nothing more to make this as painless as possible.

Taking your pet home

If you decide to take your pet home to bury then it is advised that you provide some biodegradable material for your pet to be placed into. Graves are to be dug at least 1.25m deep so that wildlife will not be able to dig up the body. Once you have replaced the earth you could plant a tree or a shrub in remembrance.

If you need any advice, we are here to help:


Individual Pet Cremation

If you choose for your pet to be cremated, we will arrange everything. The ashes usually take one week to return, at which point we will let you know they are ready to be taken home.

An individual pet cremation is one of the services we can offer with the help of our partnership with PCS Northampton. 

Your adored pet will be cremated soley on its own and we assure you, you will only receive your own pet’s ashes in your chosen casket or urn.

Simple Communal Cremation 

Much like an individual cremation, we will arrange everything. The ashes usually take one week to return, at which point we will let you know they are ready to be taken home.

You beloved pet will be cremated together with other darling pets, with the help of PCS Northampton they can be buried together in the beautiful dedicated landscaped gardens.