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The VIP Club

The VIP Club

Welcome to the Very Important Pet Club.

An exclusive club for all our wonderful registered clients, with lots of benefits and completely FREE!

We are partnered with VidiVet

Free Out Of Hours Advice

We have Partnered with VidiVet to offer all our clients out of hours telephone vet consults for that extra peace of mind. Because pet parenting is all about advice.

Not Sure If It’s An Emergency?

We have you covered, we have the ability to offer all our registered clients FREE pet support and advice through the help of our partnership with Vidivet.

Peace of mind can be very powerful for pet owners, knowing you have support at the end of the phone out of hours can help relieve stress and provide you with comfort in the knowledge you and your pet are in the safest of hands.

Who Are The Vets?

We guess your wondering who you will be talking to at the other end of your device? Rest assured All vets are UK Qualified and Registered and will accommodate you.

How Much Does VidiVet Cost?

This is a completely FREE service to all our registered clients at the practice signed up to our VIP Club.


How Does VidiVet Work



Sign up to our VIP Club either via the link or get in touch with the practice.
You will receive an email, and enclosed will be your unique URL link.



Follow the instructions and download the VidiVet App.
Available on both the Apple and Google Store.




Once signed in you can begin asking questions.
A vet will provide a personalised video response or message.

VIP Club Additional Perks! 


We love to interact with our clients on a personal level.

Our events reflect our passion for caring for your pet, providing additional support in the form of workshops for our pet parents, such as tailored events, first aid courses and becoming a vet for day to name a few!

As a VIP Member you will have first access to our courses and events via our monthyl newsletter. 

First Aid Courses

Our pet first aid courses are run in small groups, with hands-on experience using a specifically designed dog manikin (also known as Betty!) and numerous other practical training aids.

First access to our first aid course is one of the perks of our VIP Club, it is completely free to all our registered clients.

Monthly Newsletter

Not another newsletter? 

Well technically yes, but we promise not to bombard you with boring content you don’t need or more importantly want!

You have heard that before haven’t you? Well, we promise to send you one newsletter a month, fully packed with exciting content, that will benefit you and your beautiful pet. 

Let’s take a look at whats inside:

Discounts & Offers

Our monthly newsletter announces the upcoming Pet Care Plan member offers and discounts. We offer savings on a number of treatments, such as dentals and so many more!

Education Slot

Every month we choose a specific topic to cover which includes detailed information, fun facts, and advice. You could be learning about flea’s one month and neutering the next!

Forearmed is forewarned, knowledge is great to ensure you as pet owners have the information to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy and happy life.

Behind The Scenes Exclusives

Shh it’s a secret…

All our VIP members will have exclusive access to behind the scenes of our practice. Whether it be in the form of photos of our team with our beautiful patients or case studies and stories directly from our team members and a deeper drive into the surgeries we perform.

The VIP Club Facebook Group

A closed group for our VIP Club members, sharing stories, educational content, advice, support and tips!


VidiVet FAQ’s

What can I ask VidiVet?

Literally anything about your pet. If it is important to you, then it is important to us!

Some examples of what people ask us about:

  • Unwell pet
  • flea/worming advice
  • spay/neuter advice
  • feeding advice
  • behavioural advice
  • post-operative care
  • or new puppy/kitten advice

Can I use VidiVet in an emergency?

The VidiVet app should not be used if your pet is in distress, or in life-threatening situations. If you feel that this is an emergency, or your pet suddenly deteriorates, please contact your vet practice or out-of-hours provider straight away.

Can I ask about multiple pets?

Yes*. Whether you have 1 or 10 pets, you can ask a question about them all. VidiVet would also encourage you to create pet profiles for each pet within the app. You will see the ‘My Pets’ icon at the bottom to do this. When you select this, you can add new or edit existing profiles.

Are VidiVet vets qualified?

Yes. All vets are Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) registered and a minimum of 5 years qualified to ensure we are operating at the highest level.