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Cat-Friendly Clinic

What Is A Cat-Friendly Clinic?


A Cat-Friendly Clinic has reached a higher level of cat care in that our practice:

Understands the specific needs of cats and has ensured the visit to our practice is sufficiently cat-friendly.

Understands how to approach and handle cats gently and with care.

Has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to manage the care of cats.

Cat-Only Waiting Area

A separate waiting area, so your cat can relax out of sight of other pets:

A preventive barrier between waiting rooms

Blankets provided to cover your cat carriers for extra seclusion

Located next to the cat-only consult room.

A calm and comfortable space for your cat.

Cat-Only Consultation Room

No other pet smells, a calm and quiet place for your cat to be examined:

Separate equipment

Cat-calming Pheromone diffusers

Toys to distract nervous cats

Exclusively for cats

Cat-Only Ward

Minimising stress by providing a separate ward just for your cats.

Comfortable bedding

Cat-friendly toys

Spaciously laid out cattery to prevent the sight of other cats

Our Cat-Friendly Team

Feline patients are handled in a quiet, stress-free environment, by our knowledgeable, fully-trained vets, nurses, and clinic support.

Cats can suffer from a range of diseases and ailments, which are different from dogs. Our team is trained to recognise and treat cat diseases and provide the necessary treatment and also preventive healthcare.


Dedicated Cat Day

Offering blocked consultations for cats that are at separate times from those offered to dogs.

Thursdays | 9:00 – 11:00 am


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