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Tag: Dog health advice

Finding A Responsible Breeder

Buying from someone who responsibly raises healthy puppies will increase your chances of having a happy, healthy dog ​​for life. Once you have chosen the breed that is right for you and your family, you should find a responsible breeder to purchase from. Finding a breeder who raises healthy puppies is a very important step…
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Anxiety In Dogs

Not sure if your dog is stressed or suffering with anxiety, we are here to offer our advice and pin point the signs you should look out for. Dog anxiety is real and unlike us they don’t have a voice to express their feelings but they do have other ways to show you… If you…
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Is Ice-cream safe for dogs?

What Could Be Better Than A Long Stroll With Your Pooch And An Ice-Cream In Hand? Heaven! Only Your Furry Friend Is Looking Up At You Now With Desire For Your Ice-Cream In Their Eyes, What Harm Could A Little Ice-Cream Do? Let’s Find Out… Can dogs eat ice-cream? Well they can eat anything if…
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