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Month: June 2023

Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Cruciate ligament injury is the most common cause of hind limb problems in dogs and sadly around 50% of dogs develop this condition in both back legs. What are cruciate ligaments? There are two ligaments in the knee (the cruciate ligament) that help stabilise the joint when walking. One of these ligaments is prone to…
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Dogs Lumps & Bumps Guide

Does your dog have a lump or bump on or under the skin? We know how worrying it is when you find a lump or bump on your dog, but not all lumps are cancerous. There are many types of lumps, early detection is the key to a better chance of recovery, let’s explore the…
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Anxiety In Dogs

Not sure if your dog is stressed or suffering with anxiety, we are here to offer our advice and pin point the signs you should look out for. Dog anxiety is real and unlike us they don’t have a voice to express their feelings but they do have other ways to show you… If you…
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We are excited to announce we are now offering Cryotherapy an advanced freezing innovation that is fast, effective and safe for removal of abnormal tissues, such as skin tags, warts, tumours and many other lesions. What is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a minimally-invasive technique that makes use of extreme cold to remove abnormal tissue such as…
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Rabbit Health

The average lifespan of a domestic rabbit is 8 to 12 years. To help your rabbit live a long and happy life, you need to take care of all of their health needs. A healthy rabbit has bright, alert eyes with a fine coat. They should be leaving droppings regularly, eating regularly and drinking plenty…
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Is Ice-cream safe for dogs?

What Could Be Better Than A Long Stroll With Your Pooch And An Ice-Cream In Hand? Heaven! Only Your Furry Friend Is Looking Up At You Now With Desire For Your Ice-Cream In Their Eyes, What Harm Could A Little Ice-Cream Do? Let’s Find Out… Can dogs eat ice-cream? Well they can eat anything if…
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Keeping Your Cats Cool In Summer

Cats may love to enjoy lying in the sun, there is such a thing as too warm, even for our feline friends. Sunburn in cats All cats can get sunburned, but white cats or cats with finer coats are at higher risk. Being in the sun regularly can lead to skin cancer, so it’s important…
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