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What Can I Vaccinate My Rabbit Against?


Myxomatosis is a severe disease (caused by a virus) that affects rabbits. It damages multiple areas of the body such as the skin, eyes, lungs, liver, and genitals, and puts infected rabbits at a high risk of catching other nasty infections.


Symptoms of myxomatosis include:

Swelling around the eyes, face, ears and genitals
Weepy eyes (milky)
A runny nose
Skin lumps, ulcers and scabs on the face and body
Low energy (lethargy)
Difficulty eating or drinking
Breathing problems.
Hot to touch (high temperature/fever)

Rabbits that have been vaccinated against myxomatosis often have much milder signs, such as skin lumps and scabs on the face.


There is no cure for myxomatosis. Only supportive care can be given, so prevention is key.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease 1 & Disease 2

RHD is a virus that targets rabbits, attacks their internal organs (such as the liver), and causes internal bleeding. Sadly, RHD is fatal in most cases.

There are two types of RHD virus, RHD1 & 2. RHD1 causes very sudden illness and is nearly always fatal within two days of catching it. RHD2 often develops a bit more slowly and is often fatal within 1-2 weeks.

Rabbits with RHD2 are much more likely to spread the disease because they live longer with symptoms.


Blood around the nose, mouth or bottom
Low energy (lethargy)
Eating less – which can cause serious problems and even be fatal in rabbits
High temperature
Sudden death – RHD often develops so quickly that infected rabbits die before their owner notices any symptoms.


Sadly, there is no cure for either RHD1 or RHD2 and the chances of survival are slim. Prevention is key.

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