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Out Of Hours Advice

We have Partnered with VidiVet to offer all our clients out of hours telephone vet consults for that extra peace of mind.
Because pet parenting is all about advice.

Not Sure If It’s An Emergency But Need Out Of Hours Advice?

We have you covered, we have the ability to offer all our registered clients FREE pet support and advice through the help of our partnership with Vidivet.

Peace of mind can be very powerful for pet owners, knowing you have support at the end of the phone out of hours can help relieve stress and provide you with comfort in the knowledge you and your pet are in the safest of hands.


How Does VidiVet Work?



Sign up to our VIP Club either via the link or get in touch with the practice.
You will receive an email, and enclosed will be your unique URL link.




Follow the instructions and download the VidiVet App.
Available on both the Apple and Google Store.



Once signed in you can begin asking questions.
A vet will provide a personalised video response or message.

Who Are The Vets?

We guess your wondering who you will be talking to at the other end of your device? Rest assured All vets are UK Qualified and Registered and will accommodate you.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a completely FREE service to all our registered clients at the practice signed up to our VIP Club.


Is Video Otoscopy a safe procedure?

Video otoscopy itself is a safe procedure. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure, meaning that the patient will be dropped off in the morning and returns home in the afternoon. The patient may be slightly less active the day after the procedure due to the anaesthesia.

Is ear endoscopy painful?

It differs from traditional ear surgery in that veterinary surgeons access the middle ear through the ear canal rather than through an incision behind the ear. This causes less pain and results in faster recovery.

What happens if a pet's ear infection is left untreated?

Left untreated, ear infections in dogs and cats will likely continue and worsen. In extreme cases the infection may cause rupture of the ear drum (tympanic membrane) and progression to a middle ear infection. Ear infections in dogs and cats can be uncomfortable and, in some cases, quite painful. It is best to address your pet's ear infection as soon as it is detected in order to prevent worsening of the problem and further complications.

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