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Month: April 2023

Salt Water Poisoning In Dogs

Spending time at the beach with your dog is a great way to introduce them to a fun environment, but beach trips do come with unique dangers for dogs. The summer months will soon be upon us and that can only mean one thing…. HOLIDAYS! Yes, many Brits will be heading to the lovely seaside…
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A Day In The Life Of Lucy

Lucy is one of our lovely veterinary care assistants (VCA) and today we get a glimpse into her life at the practice. Grab a refreshment and a biscuit or two and let’s spend the day in the life of Lucy… Our day starts at 7:30 am with preparing things that might be needed for the…
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Vaccination Decline

Over 7 million pets at risk of suffering and disease through lack of vaccination, latest PAW Report finds In 2022, 79% of dogs, 61% of cats and 52% of rabbits have received regular booster vaccinations. While this is slightly lower than the proportion in February 2020 immediately before the start of the pandemic, it is…
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Cat Dementia

Feline Dementia can also be referred to as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) and is directly related to aging of a cats brain. CDS ultimately leads to changes in awareness, deficits in learning and memory, and decreased responsiveness to stimuli. CDS is the degenerative process of a cats brain that can ultimately lead to the loss…
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