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Month: November 2023

Dogs: Christmas Dangers

The last place you want to be over the festive period is the out-of-hours vets, so let’s ensure we make Christmas a safe and happy one for your pooch. Christmas is such a busy time of year and with some much to do and so many things to consider it is easy to forget the…
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Keyhole Spay Vs Traditional

Although the traditional ‘open’ method is still more widely used, some people prefer the advantages of a less intrusive surgery for their pet such as quicker recovery time, less bruising, and tissue manipulation resulting in a more comfortable recovery. Spaying or neutering is a commonly performed surgery that involves the removal of the ovaries to…
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Kitten Socialisation

Preparing kittens for human life is crucial for their welfare. Adequate socialization reduces stress and behavior problems in adult cats, ensuring they can adapt to normal domestic settings. When To Socialise Your Kitten? The socialisation period, from two weeks to seven weeks old, is crucial for a kitten’s brain and sensory system development. Positive experiences…
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Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation is crucial for puppies to develop into happy, friendly, and confident adults, by providing positive experiences and understanding of future situations. Between 4 and 12 weeks, puppies undergo a socialisation period, learning about the world and developing resilience. This period teaches them how to adapt, cope, and enjoy everyday events, leading to increased happiness…
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Retained Testicles In Pets

Cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) in dogs and cats happens when one or both testicles are retained in the abdomen and fail to descend into the scrotum (ball sack). When a male puppy or kitten is born their testicles are inside his body, over a period of approximately two weeks they begin dropping into the scrotum through…
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Cat Vaccine Shortage

The Europe-wide supply issue with cat vaccines has led to limited availability, requiring vaccines to be reserved for vulnerable patients. The shortage is believed to be due to a combination of the dramatic and unforeseen rise in pet ownership and the knock-on effect of lockdown. In addition, Pfizer is the manufacturer of both the cat…
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