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Month: October 2023

American XL Bully Update

The government on Tuesday confirmed the breed has been added to the list of dogs forbidden under the Dangerous Dogs Act following a string of “concerning” attacks in the UK in less than a year. The official statement from the Government: New laws banning XL Bully type dogs have been laid in Parliament today, as the Government…
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Pets and Fireworks

Fireworks can be frightening for pets, each species displays fear and needs comfort in its own way. Here is some useful advice on how to help your pets during the fireworks season. The bright flashes and loud bangs of fireworks can be exciting for people, but very frightening for our dogs and cats. Because when…
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What Is Endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure where a specialised camera is used to view areas within your pet’s body. Think “Camera Diagnostics” An endoscope is basically a flexible tube that uses a video camera to transmit images to a larger screen for magnification. An illuminating light allows your vet to view areas such as…
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Itchy Cats!

Most cats scratch every now and again, but excessive scratching indicates something is wrong. Itchy skin (Feline Pruritus) is a symptom of many different conditions. Where fleas are not the answer, often a much more detailed and meticulous approach is needed to find the diagnosis. Being the largest organ in the body, a cat’s skin…
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Itchy Dogs!

All that scratching, biting, and licking can become a bit irritating, to say the least! Now imagine how your poor dog feels! No one is happy when it comes to skin diseases in dogs, and there are quite a few of them that could be affecting your pooch! Here is what you need to know…
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National Pet Wellness Month

The goal of this month is to promote the health and happiness of pets throughout the year. Pets are a very important part of our family, we need to educate ourselves on how to keep them happy and healthy. It’s never too late to start providing a healthy lifestyle for your pet. In the mid-1900s,…
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Halloween: Keep Your Pets Safe

Whilst ghosts and vampires can scare us, nothing scares us more than our pet’s being in danger. This Halloween there maybe dangers in your home for pets… With the spooktacular time of the year fast approaching, we have compiled a Halloween safety guide to keep pets happy. Although many of us enjoy Halloween, it can…
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National Black Cat Day

Our Halloween Special blog is tied in with Black Cat Awareness Month and National Black Cat Day! Here are some interesting black cats that may change the way you think about our black furry friends… Ask people what they think about black cats and you will get different answers. They are mischievous and clever. They…
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