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Month: January 2024

Flea & Worming Protocol

Flea & Worming Prescribing & Dispensing Protocol After seeking further guidance from the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons, we have made changes to the way we prescribe Flea and Worm treatments and introduced a new protocol  As flea and worm prescriptions now need to be associated with a physical examination, we have decided to conduct…
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Luxating Patella In Dogs

Is your furry friend struggling with a wobbly gait, occasional limping, or difficulty extending their hind leg? These could be signs of patella luxation—a common orthopedic issue in pets. Patella luxation (luxating patella) in dogs is a condition where the kneecap (patella) moves out of its normal position within the groove of the thigh bone…
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Damaged Cruciate Ligaments

Cruciate ligament injuries are a common orthopedic issue in dogs, affecting their hind limbs. This blog aims to provide a thorough understanding of cruciate ligaments, the causes of injuries, common symptoms, diagnosis, and available treatment options. Cruciate ligaments in dogs play a crucial role in stabilising the knee joint, also known as the stifle joint.…
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Corneal Conditions In Dogs

Various corneal conditions can affect dogs, ranging from mild irritations to more serious issues. Here are some common corneal conditions seen in dogs, the symptoms to look out for, and what the treatments are. Let’s have a look at the conditions: Surgical Intervention Options Diamond Burr Keratectomy This surgical technique involves using a specialized tool…
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Cherry Eye In Dogs

Cherry eye surgery in dogs is a procedure performed to correct the condition known as cherry eye, where the gland of the third eyelid (nictitans gland) protrudes or prolapses from its normal position. Did you know? The third eyelid, or nictitating membrane, is a protective membrane located in the inner corner of the eye. It…
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Eyelid Conditions In Pets

Ectropion and entropion are two different eyelid conditions in pets. In this article we explain the conditions in more depth, what you should look out for, and what the treatment involves. What Is Ectropion? Let’s begin with Ectropion, ectropion is an eyelid abnormality observed in pets where the lower eyelid turns outward, away from the…
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Muzzle Training

Is your dog required to wear a muzzle? This can be due to reactivity to other dogs, scavenging behaviour on walks, or UK restrictions. Are you unsure of where to start with muzzle training? Training is very important when introducing your dog to wearing a muzzle. Even the most laid-back dog can become stressed if…
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Urinary Problems In Cats & Dogs

Understand and manage urinary problems in your cat or dog, with our helpful information. Urinary problems in dogs and cats are common issues that we see a lot of here at Warren House Veterinary Centre. These problems can range from mild discomfort to severe health issues, affecting the overall well-being of our beloved furry friends.…
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