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Category: Announcements

Revamping premises for feline patients

Finally, we have our partition back to separate feline patients (as well as rabbits and guinea pigs) from dogs. With the reconstructions and renovations in the waiting room, the old partition screen was thrown away and the new one is finally in place. We won’t stop here though, in September we continue with reconstructions and…
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Emergency fee for non-registered clients

We have been experiencing an influx of clients from other vets who cannot accomodate emergency appointments on the day or have a long waiting list for surgeries. Non-registered clients who require emergency appointment will be charged a fee od £84 for the consultation. Our long-term clients can see for routine, semi-routine or emergency appointments always…
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BOAS surgery

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is a condition which affects the breathing of flat faced animals.  This can be caused by several factors:  A very long and thick, soft palette covering the airway A narrow trachea/larynx The nostrils become stenotic – where they create resistance against airflow The symptoms your animal may display if they…
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Still registering new clients

Many veterinary surgeries are not accepting new clients due to full capacity. We have managed to reorganise our work, and welcome new members of staff, so we are pleased to say we are still open for new clients and their pets. Although media focused on the lack of truck drivers, Brexit and COVID hit lots…
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As of Saturday 18.12.2021 we will focus only on small animal care and therefore with a heavy heart we need to ask our horse clients to register with another practice. We will be closing accounts week starting Monday 13th December and will send histories of animals to the respective clients. The main reason for this…
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