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Day: 22 May 2023


Fleas are tiny parasites that love to feed on your pet’s blood. The bites cause irritation and this can effect you and your family as well.


Tapeworms match their name, and look like long ribbons or pieces of tape. Itchy, unpleasant, and common, keeping your dog & cat free of tapeworms is simple and a great way to keep them healthy and happy.


Roundworms are very common in the UK – In fact, studies have shown that over 20% of dogs and cats can become infected at any time! This means your dog and cat are at risk of catching worms every time you go outside. Picked up in faeces or even contaminated soil, roundworms can cause diarrhoea…
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Vinnie’s Story

Vinnie is a beautiful 8 year old male border terrier who presented with vomiting. Poor Vinnie was unable to keep any food or water down and was struggling to pass poo. He came in to see Rosa in March who did a full clinical examination.His abdomen (belly) was very tense around the area where his…
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